Thin client vs fat client network

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Fat client

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More similar to a fat client vs. a thin client, smart clients are Internet-connected devices that allows a user's local applications to interact with server-based applications through the use of Web services.

A fat client still requires at least periodic connection to a network or central server, but is often characterised by the ability to perform many functions without that connection. In contrast, a thin client generally does as little processing as possible, relying on access to the server each time input data needs to be processed or validated.

In addition, here is a clear summary of benefits between a thin client vs. thick client network - Lower Costs Reduced administration, training, service/support and training expenses.

Thin Clients: Smaller than thick clients, thin clients are essentially network computers without a hard drive that act as a terminal to the server and require a constant connection with it. Zero Clients: Sometimes called an ultrathin client, these are similar to a thin client except that they do not “retain the operating system and each.

The servers are doing all the work, so the question of thin clients vs. thick clients is really moot from a technology standpoint. But desktop virtualization is mainly about reducing risk and simplifying the customer's environment, and the move to standardize on a.

Thin Client vs Thick Client: Thin Is In for Today’s Enterprise Networks. At many of today’s progressive companies, the search for thin client technology starts with a comparison on thin client vs thick client.

Thin client

Companies are now realizing that user desktops are looking much slimmer thanks to powerful and cost-effective smart thin client technology.

Thin client vs fat client network
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