Total quality management within the uk service industry management essay

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TQM is a comprehensive management approach that. Total quality management is a structured effort by employees to continuously improve the quality of their products and services through proper feedbacks and research.

Ensuring superior quality of a product or service is not the responsibility of a single member. Total Quality Management (TQM) theory grew out of existing organizational management theories, in part, as a response to the problems in those theories. Edwards Deming and Joseph Juran are most responsible for the development of TQM.

Total quality management is a business approach aiming at providing quality products to achieve customer satisfaction. The paper is literature review based.

The survey of the researches has helped in the development of proposed framework. The banking industry which is the largest sector in the service industry in the UK benefits a lot from the TQM approach (Domingo, ). However the main issue that hinders the implementation of the approach is the lack of training in customer service.

TQM TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT Total quality management is a management approach centred on quality, based on the participation of an organisation's people and aiming at long term success. This is achieved through customer satisfaction and benefits all members of the organisation and society.

Total quality management within the uk service industry management essay
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